Stop worrying & agonizing.

It’s not about worrying about the future or dwelling on what could have been.  We can not live in the past or the future, it’s only in the present can we truly live.
How can you live fully in the present and still feel secure in the future?  It’s a fine line of faith and trust that it will all be taken care of.  No matter where the road leads, you are loved.  You are cared for.  It takes courage to live fully in the present.  Children know how, but somewhere along the line we loose the ability.  We dwell on past transgressions and worry that they will effect the future.  We worry we won’t have enough or be enough in the future.  When all we have is what is right in front of us.
This moment of warm late summer sun.  A sweet moment with our children that will soon be only alive in our dreams.  I watch time pass faster with each breath.  Do me a favor and stop and truly see those around you.  Stop worrying.  Stop agonizing and really see with your heart the person that is taking shape right in front of you, hidden by the everyday busyness of life.

xoxo – Rachaeldenver family photographer-1

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