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I read a recent study that American’s have some of the worst support systems for new moms.  We live further from our parents (my own parents live 900 miles away).  We’re having children older in life and we push mothers back to work all to quickly.

All of it adding up to overwhelm, anxiety, and higher rates of Postpartum Depression in new moms.

But Patience is out to change what was becoming all to common and provide a resource for moms.  She founded The Family Room to provide support, classes, and knowledge to overwhelmed and exhausted parents.

She combines her love of evidence based research and childhood development to give parents a one stop shop in support.  If she doesn’t offer the support, there are people to refer you too.

She draws from biological, cultural, anthropological, and personal experience to support families.  This is a place where families can find whatever support they need.

The core classes she offers hits on the 3 major areas that parents struggle with; potty training, sleeping and eating.  Each class being hands on and open to all families.

She also offers private consulting to help with all facets of your child’s development.

The Family Room is about creating confidence, clarity and connection in parenting.  Confidence to be the parent you want to be.  Clarity to know what parenting looks like for you and making the best choices for you and your family.  And connection with not only other parents, but with your child now and all the way to adulthood.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out their website HERE and dropping in on a class.  Patience is amazing and you will no doubt find support, encouragement, and confidence in parenting.

Thank you so much to the playgroup mama’s for letting me take photos that day!

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