The Strength and Love of Family

‘Could it be true?  Is he really mine?  Am I dreaming?’
No sweetheart you’re not dreaming.  That adorable little fur ball is all yours!

I’m so excited to share the Walker family with you!  As a way to give back to the community, I gave a family at Ronald McDonald house a free session.  And the perfect family was chosen.  They are beyond anything I could have expected.

Lisa and her hubs already have grown children of their own, but decided that they should adopt as well.  Talk about mind blowing.  I have a friend adopting from the foster care system right now and I’m in awe at the process.  The people that choose this path are saints in my book.  Lisa told me it has been the best decision they ever made.  It’s been wonderful and they couldn’t change a thing.  Even when adorable little Eliana received the news no child should ever get.  Bone Cancer.
They took the bone out of her right arm and replaced it with metal rods. She had 40 weeks of chemo.  Forty. Weeks. Multiple surgeries are still ahead as she grows into adulthood.  But with God’s graces the worst is behind them.
All Eliana wanted at the end of all that was a puppy.  A fluffy lap dog to be exact.  And what a better way to use a photo session then capture those first moments when Eliana sees the dog for the first time.

Tears welt up in my eyes.  Here’s a little girl, not even 10 yet, going through what no one should have to go through.  And all she wants is a puppy.  She asked me to pinch her to make sure it was real.  haha It’s real sweet girl and you are stronger then any 9 year old should have to be. 

Like just about ever kid I know, you put them in water and they light up like a Christmas tree.  I love the photo on the right!And then the puppy came!How awesome was that!  Walker Family you defy the odds and I feel so blessed to know you.  And to be a part of that moment will forever be in my heart.  Thank you.

xoxo – Rachael

This is why I do what I do.  Because there are some pretty amazing people in this world.

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