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On this episode of This Old House we’re putting the finishing touches on our loan responsibilities.  In order to get financing last fall during all the fallout of the mortgage industry we did an FHA rehab loan.  Which require ridiculous crap.  We had an appraisal before we bought the house, then wrote up a list of things we were going to do with the rehab money.   Then at the end you have another appraisal to make sure you did all the work.  So we spent the last few days doing things like trim and building a door frame.  We also got rid of the pile of Sh*t in the back yard.  Since the second day of owning the house all the construction and demo debris has been put on a blue tarp in the backyard.  And this weekend we FINALLY  put it into a dumpster and hauled away. YEA!  This was by far the biggest weight off my shoulders thus far!  And it makes a huge difference in the backyard too!  Before….3.jpg



And I found the oddest thing ever in the pile.  I’m still mystified how it got there.  And it still gives me the creeps.  I found a FISH!  And a pretty big one at that!  How in the hell did a fish get in the yard?  A cat?  Our creepy neighbors?  A cat would have ate the fish right?  Anyway, here’s a photo of our creepy fish.4.jpg

Gross isn’t it?!

And you’re maybe wondering what happened with the bathroom window?  Well I did finish it.  It only took two weekends to finish it, but it’s done.   I don’t think I’ll be stripping any other trim anytime soon.  If someone has a better way of stripping lead paint I’m all ears!  And we’ll be doing something about the not so attractive view in the spring. 2.jpg

And last but not least.  A photo of trim I was pre-painting in the basement.  And if anyone is putting up trim paint it first, it’s sooo much easier.  Then once it’s up all you have to do is touch up the nail holes.  No mess all over your brand new floors.  (I wouldn’t do something like that! 😉 1.jpg

That’s the update on the house.  Baby step by baby step!

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