This Old House

Our house has become a bit of a conversation piece so I had a great idea to do posts called ‘This Old House’ staring our latest projects!  My husband was of course was greatly amused by this, not really he hates having his photo taken!

So today on This Old House, we’re doing skim coating, stripping paint, and hanging a ceiling fan!  Can you feel the excitement!?  My whole plan was to skim coat the entry way and strip all the paint off the bathroom window and paint the window.  Well what I didn’t realize was stripping dozens of layers of paint off a hundred year old window is not easy.  In fact it took me the majority of the weekend, and I only got one coat of skim in the entry way, but we’ll get to that.
First, lets start with hanging a ceiling fan.  It’s important to have a ceiling box in the ceiling, thankfuly we were thinking ahead.  Next…assembly.   Cody diligently labored away and eventually got it put together, he even read the directions!


Then you vicariously hang it from the ceiling while assembling wires.  Surprisingly he didn’t ask for help at this point!  He did however scold me for taking a picture of his armpits!   And then you have a beautiful ceiling fan.  It adds so much to the room doesn’t it?  Isn’t he handy?  shhhh, but I’ll rent him out for house hold duties if anyones interested!   41.jpg

Now skim coating.  You ask ‘what the h*ll is that?’  Has anyone has ever lived in a home with horrible texture on the walls?  That was our entire house, horrible glopping texture.  I’ve skim coating everything but the front entry.  So here it is.  The nasty texture that someone decided looked good.61.jpg

So now what do you get rid of it?  Lots and lots of drywall mud.  A large trowel and even more elbow grease! 11.jpg

But sadly the bathroom took FOREVER, and I didn’t get very far on this part.  So stay tuned for the end on this project.

So without further hesitation, the thorn in my side.  The bathroom window.   8.jpg

Looks harmless right?  Just a nasty color of beige.  Except that it’s been painted so many times there is no longer any detail in the trim.  So perfectionist that I am, I decide that it needs to be stripped.  (I’ve also decided that every piece of trim and window in our house needs to be stripped too).  My darling brother told me a gel solution you paint on will allow you to just strap the paint right off!  Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?  It was.   It did help scrap some of the paint off, but only about 2 layers at a time.  So with about 10 layers of paint you can guess how many times I put this crap on the wood.  Then it’s not exactly a clean process.  The goop makes the paint almost go back to it’s liqud state, except it doesn’t quit make it, instead it become EXTREMELY sticky.  Needless to say, I got it down to about 2 to 3 layers when I said to hell with the rest.  I’ll give it light sand and paint the damn thing and call it a day.    Not great but better then the following in progress photos.


I can almost see wood in now!  Our bathroom was once, hunter green, berry red, baby blue and about 5 different shades of beige.  I’m going to paint it white.  Novel idea huh?


So that about raps up this episode of This Old house.  Not the most educational, but hopefully at least slightly amusing.

Stay tuned for more episodes to come.  We have projects EVERY weekend! 🙂

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