Wall Art Weekend

The Artist in me has three
Faithful, sleepless
And self-giving friends:
A newness-eye, a oneness-heart
And a fulness-life.I love using photography and art together to bring a room to life.  Sprinkling in family photos with your favorite art can bring a lot of personality to a display.  And I like that I can use smaller pieces of paintings, which makes it cheaper.  We’re all looking to maximize a dollar right? Plus I love finding small pieces of art when we travel and then incorporating that into our wall displays.  A little mini reminder of our travels.

Sadly this is not my home, but in my dreams it is.  I found it on pinterest, where it originally came from this site.

If you’re on pinterest and want to see what I pin, find me here.

Happy pinning!
xoxo – Rachael

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