Spring Romance

The new leaves just starting to pop swayed in the breeze as I turned the corner and spotted Jill and Robyn.  Giddy with excitement and unloading their cars with all our goodies, I couldn’t help feel blessed for such as awesome friends.  To come together with a common vision for a spring inspiration shoot isn’t easy.  Each person comes to the table with differing ideas, but for the three of us, well we just clicked.  And when we brought on board Frills Cake Shop and Little Green Chair Seth & Holly, our shoot was sure to be amazing.  And it totally was!  We spent hours prepping the different areas, dressing Holly and Seth and making sure even the smallest detail was taken care of.
Can I spend hours with a couple shooting them?  Oh Hell Yea I can!  The feeling of no pressure to be done or move on the next thing was liberating!  I wish I could pass that on to my couples.  Slow things down a bit and not rush through from engagement to engagement during a wedding.I’m absolutely in love with Jill’s two tier cake stand…just stunning with Frills cake!

BareRoot Flora blew me out of the water with the flowers.  I knew they were good, but whoa! Stunning.

So much gratitude for all the hard work of the team.  We rocked it!  And I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out!

The beautiful talent:
Flowers:  Bareroot Flora, Robyn and Diana
Styling:  Common Couture, Jill
Cake:  Frills Cake Shop, Anne and Jeremy
Graphic Design and Models:  Little Green Chair, Holly and Seth
Vintage car: Private owner

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