What can we do after the women’s march?

The energy was magnetic as we rode into downtown.  The march hadn’t even begun, and yet the streets were streaming with cheerful people.

We found a place in line with so many other like minded people.

Maybe I’d gotten lazy.  Maybe I didn’t want to believe this could happen.  But it did and here we are.

Marching to make our voices heard and marching for the progress we’ve made.  (and yes with still so much further to go)

In a world that must so bad for some people and they felt wronged in such a deep way that a man like Trump is in the highest office.

I believe Trump being elected has been a wake up call.

I saw grandma’s in wheel chairs and walkers.  I saw young babies being carried on their parents back.

I heard songs of peace being sung.  I heard chants of love and acceptance.

My own hot tears on my cheek when I saw an elderly lady cry tears of joy.

Yes it was in protest.  Yes we marched because of who is in office.  But it was SOOO much more then that.


Will this be a march that fades into the history books like so many before?

Yes we exercised our right to free speech (and God I hope each other those marching also exercised their right to vote).

BUT now is when the rubber meets the road and the real work begins.

You raised your hand when you marched.  You said ‘I CARE! Damn it!’  I’m proud of you for that.  I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and standing for something I care about.

That is not always an easy thing to do.

Now we must keep that fire alive and keep this movement going forward.  So I’ve made a list of things we can all do to keep the fire alive.

Things that take action and not just words.  It takes time to get off social media and do the work.

But after yesterday and after seeing all the amazing people come together, I know it’s possible.  I know it’s possible to make this country a place EVERYONE can succeed.  (from the left to right)

Let’s do this America!

  1. First and foremost start LISTENING.  We will go nowhere without listening.  You do not have to agree with someone to have a constructive conversation.  There are so many opinions in this world, honestly what I think makes this place so beautiful is the different opinions and the right to say what is on our mind.  There is common ground, start listening.
  2. Volunteer your time and/or money to non-profits fighting for marginalized people (immigrants, minorities, LGBTQ, domestic violence).  Find one you believe in and support it, talk about it, champion for it.
  3. Get involved in local politics.  We all say politicians are slimy or cruel but yet we do nothing.  We’re not involved and we look the other way.  GET INVOLVED.
  4. Be a part of your child’s school on a bigger scale.  Run for a seat on the school board.  Head the PTA.  You want an equal chance for all students, start fighting for all students.
  5. Call your congress man/women Tell them what you feel is important.
  6. Go to law school.  Take a course on politics and the law.  I’m sure most of us don’t remember what we learned in high school.  I know I don’t.
  7. Pray for guidance on the direction and action you should take.  Religious or not, we all have a guiding moral code in us.  Use it.
  8. Raise your girls to be strong & brave.  Teach them to raise their voice when it’s needed.  Teach them to never back down from something they believe in.
  9. Raise your boys to respect women.
  10. Raise your children to respect and love thy neighbor – no matter who they are and no matter what they believe.
  11. Stand up and help when you see someone being bullied and shamed for who they are.
  12. Make art.  The world always needs more art.
  13. Vote in midterm elections! I’ll be honest, I haven’t.  But I will from now on.  And I will be educating myself on every candidate.
  14. Get to know your neighbor.  Let’s bring back a community that looks out for one another instead of judging from afar.
  15. Read books on things you don’t know much about.
  16. Keep an open mind, always.

Is this work?  HELL YES.  Is it worth stepping out away from the comfort zone and normal life routines?  HELL YES!

You raised your hand, now it’s time to get to work.  We can no longer sit idle by and expect our country to be the place we want for our kids.

See you out there nasty ladies!

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