What Wedding Dreams Are Made Of.

We packed up and piled into our car to start the beginning of a month of traveling.   Three and half hours to Steamboat for a wedding I’d been dreaming about for months.
Julia & Tyler, a couple of goofy, fun loving, and madly in love pair were getting married at a ranch reserved for only a handful of lucky newly weds.  Nestled into the valleys of Steamboat on a late August day these two said tear filled I do’s.
Just before the ceremony, their guests all seated and ready to begin, my heart started beating a little faster.  Colorado is known for weather that can turn at a moments notice and it seemed our gorgeous sunny weather was about to get ugly.  I said a quick prayer and hoped Tyler and Julia had someone watching over.
Turns out they did and not a drop of rain fell the entire day.
Thank you Julia and Tyler for such an amazing day.  I’m so grateful I could be there to tell your story of unwavering love & devotion.
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I honestly LOVE this time of year.  Checking in with how the past year went and where I’d like to go over the next 12 months.  It’s exciting and filled with promise!

In the past I’ve quickly become overwhelmed.  You see I’m the type of person with a million ideas and passions, but I end up having so many things I want to do that I get overwhelmed.  And then do none of it.  Anyone else feel that way?
But this year is different. I have new tools in my tool bag.   I’ve find ways to deal with the million ideas and find systems to make the goals I do set truly possible.
I feel so much promise for this year it deserves it’s own post.  Check back next week for all the ideas and links that are going to make 2014 over the top fabulous!

What goals are you setting?

xoxo – Rachael

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