Why should you have a family session in your home?

Close your eyes. Picture your home. Do you see the furniture, the little knick knacks you’ve collected on trips over the years?
Do you see the kitchen you’ve had dance parties in?
Do you feel the way your shoulders relax when you walk in the door from a long day?
Do you feel the soft sheets and bedding you searched months for?

Do you feel the wave of gratitude wash over you as you think about all the sweet memories you’ve had in this home?

Remember when you brought home your first baby and took them around to each room and couldn’t help crying over the fact that they were finally here?

Do you remember rocking them to sleep in the same spot dozens of times? It felt like you’d have to rock them sweetly forever, but somehow now you don’t. That time has passed.

Why would you want family photos in your home? Because of those memories above. Because it is your house that has been made a home with your memories and life you’ve built in it.

But don’t take my word for it. Read other moms that have walked the path of taking family photos in their home.

‘This was the place we brought our babies home too. I rocked Alexa in this room endlessly. I fought post-partum depression looking out that window. We raised two happy little girls into almost teenagers in this house. Now I have photos of all of us here, together. Sharing stories and memories like they happened yesterday. We will never forget this house, and it’s a piece of us. ‘
– Rebecca T.

‘We loved the idea of staying home where everyone feels comfortable. It wasn’t until after our session that I realized how much having pictures of us living life in our home would mean. The picture of me putting D’s shoes on, just the way we do every day. Or how she loves to crawl through the doggy door. It’s these little moments that I’m so glad we have. You can’t get those in a park.’
-Tracy P.

Your home is your sanctuary and place of rest. I leave every session with a little piece of each family in my heart because of the openness they’ve shared with me.
It’s not easy opening the door to have your picture taken doing seemingly mundane things. But it’s in those mundane things that we make memories.
It’s in those moments that we shower our kids with love and lessons about life.

Have I peaked your interest in what a session in your home would look like? Find out more about family sessions and learn how the process works.

Remember life doesn’t wait. Our kids will grow up. Will you capture their childhood story before it’s gone?

I’m here. Let’s chat.

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