A Season of Gratitude

I love this season of gratitude.  It’s a season of being intentional with our time, money, and resources.  It’s a time to take a pause and remember the blessings we have, even when life doesn’t seem perfect.

A friend started us on a tradition of lighting candles at dinner and saying one thing we’re grateful for that day and one thing we’re hopeful for.  Delilah has fallen hard for our new tradition.

I love it because I get to hear a three year old process the world and what’s important to her.  Our meal starts off on a happy note, and that right now is a beautiful thing.

So today I’m lighting a candle for all of you too.  I’m grateful to serve my clients with my heart doing what I love.  And I’m hopeful that we are all a little kinder, compassionate and understanding no matter who you are.  We’re all human after all.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope this holiday is filled with light, love, and peace.

xoxo – Rachael

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