A Typical Saturday Morning

It’s simple really.  A mundane Saturday where Anne and Penny get one on one time while Dad works.  The sun plays peak a boo through the clouds and there was just a little chill in the air that day.  A perfect day to relax and find their own version of peak a boo.

There are many ways to say I love you.  You say I love through a simple game of chase.

You say I love you through dressing up and putting on a play.

You say I love while reading and snuggling.

You say I love with a bottle of warm milk and snuggles while she grows sleepy.

You say I love in the smallest ways, yet those small ways add up to something magnificent.

What does your typical Saturday morning look like?

Are you in your pj’s till noon?  Or maybe you’re off to soccer practice by 9 with a coffee in hand and baby on your hip.

Maybe you spend your Saturday morning catching up on house work and playing hide and seek with your two year old.

There is beauty in the mundane moments of life.  The moment your sink is over flowing with dirty dishes from last night and cereal is all over the floor because Jack decided to pore himself a bowl before you could pry your exhausted eyes open and ingest that first holy grail cup of coffee. You could become overwhelmed, but instead you put all that ‘house work’ on the back burner to play ‘house’ with your 4 year old.  Because this is life now.

This is the life you couldn’t have imagined years ago, but somehow wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s perfect in it’s messy, crazy, and hard.

Let me photograph your crazy hard and find those beautiful mundane moments that make you the best mom for your kids.

I’m offering just 4 Saturday morning sessions at a special rate of $450 and including 10 digital files.

The dates available are March 11th, March 25th, April 8th and April 22nd.   That’s it.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Contact me today to talk about your Saturday morning session.  These are sure to go fast!

xoxo – Rachael

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