Be Brave; a client story about documentary photography

The opening of doors and hearts so that I can photograph some of the intimate parts of a family’s life is not something I take lightly.  Allowing someone you may have just met into your private home is hard.  We don’t always see the beauty in the mundane moments of life.

There’re just normal every day moments.

Until one day, they’re not.  The little habits and the little personality quirks disappear.

We don’t usually notice it until it’s gone either.  Looking around, life has morphed into something altogether different then it was just 6 months ago.

It’s in these mundane moments of connection that I see love.  I see parent’s devotion and strength.  I see children growing and learning from the people they love most.  I see hearts break and mold back together in a new and more beautiful way then before.

I don’t see mundane.  I see a love that goes to the moon and back.

Megan Wilson wrote the sweetest words about their session recently and it brought tears to my eyes.  My cup overflows with gratitude for this family and every family that opens their heart to me.

‘Rachael is such a treasure!  We have four young boys that are a bit crazy and wild…as you can imagine the thought of booking a family photo session wasn’t exactly appealing to me.  My husband and I couldn’t imagine our boys sitting still for posed pictures (it is near impossible to get them to sit in general)! I had heard about “a day in the life” or documentary photo sessions before, but I was intimidated to invite someone into our space.  I thought that maybe the photographer would run for the nearest door or panic when she saw inevitable meltdowns at bath time or bedtime.   When I reached out to Rachael, she was so reassuring that I thought that I might just be a little bit brave and give this type of photography session a whirl!  Rachael is so sweet…she enters your space with a lot of grace and care for the people she is photographing. She encouraged us the entire photo session, interacted with our kids, and laughed along with their antics.  It totally helps that she has been on the other side of the camera and is a mom of two.  When Rachael brought our pictures over from the photo session…I couldn’t believe how well she captured each one of my kids and our family life.  I’m currently looking at the pictures of that day with tears in my eyes…the chaos of our day to day is not glamorous, but it is our real life and it’s so beautifully captured by Rachael.’

This year has been amazing and I can’t wait to watch these families grow and meet new ones in 2017.

xoxo – Rachael

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