Bear Cheeks

I came out from tucking Crosby in bed, the dark clouds had pasted and the warm rays of late afternoon sun washed over the kitchen floor.  I peaked into the living room and demanded Delilah and Cody come outside, because when the rain stops and the sun shines, it’s always pretty light.

I love how she prefers her hair down, even when it’s in her face all the time.   I sometimes wish she’d let me put it in a pony more often just so I can see her deep dark eyes.  But long stick straight hair is her.

The jammies we bought the second year in a row, have a flap on the butt that says ‘bear cheeks’.  She loves putting anything and everything in her ‘pocket’.

She loves playing fetch with our dog, even if the dog doesn’t want to play and she has to chase the ball.

The belly, full of the nights dinner and a night time glass of milk.

A day spent in the blow up pool splashing water at her brother and floating any object she could find.

These are things I want to remember.

xoxo – Rachael

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