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Have you ever said, ‘We’ll do a family session when….’?  Or ‘Let’s wait till this fall for a family session.’

I know I’ve said those things.  I wanted to do a session for Crosby’s first birthday, but the calendar filled up crazy fast, how does that ALWAYS happen in the summer? And now hopefully we’ll get a session in late summer.

Life just keeps speeding by faster and faster doesn’t it!?

This session is so dear to me.  Julie is the women and crazy talented photographer that got me started in the business world of photography.  She is selfless and an amazing mum to two little girls.  And I’m lucky enough to photograph her family.  I think I may have won the lottery.  truly.

Julie, normally, is incredibly laid back and doesn’t worry about much of anything (soul sisters in that way) but at this session she was clearly out of sorts.  She was stressing like I’ve never seen her before.

She was stressing about how she looked and if things were perfect enough.  (LORDY can I relate to that!) We all want our lives to be perfect.  You’re spending money, energy, and taking time out of an already full schedule in order do these photos.  I get it, you want everything to go smoothly and perfectly.  For our family photos last January, I went shopping for all new outfits and picked the perfect location, did Delilah’s and my own hair, basically everything I tell my clients NOT to do.  *sigh* The pressure to make these photos perfect is high!

What we’re capturing isn’t perfect in the sense that we have grown accustom to though.  This isn’t Pinterest or the latest propped photo shoot.  Your kids aren’t dolls to be dressed up, they are living creatures with a mind and nature of their own.  Your life isn’t Pinterest perfect, NOR SHOULD IT BE!  Your home doesn’t have to be perfect to live life and raise amazing little humans. You just have to be YOU.  And that’s all I ask of my clients.  Show up, be present, and love those kids (and husband!) like you won’t see them again for a long time.  That’s it.  I will find the magic (and there’s always magic) within the mundane every day moments.

So, to release a little tension, I focused on the kids and chatted with Julie and little by little she relaxed.  A small moment here or there and she allowed herself to be present.  The worries faded.  By the end everyone was laughing and carefree.

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Head on over and request to join!  I share tips on photography, work/life balance, getting all those awesome photos off the computer.  It’s also a space to encourage each other and ask advice when you need it most.

xoxo – Rachael

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