Daily Grind

denver family photographer-1The pressure to be perfect, to have it all figured out, to never complain, to always be grateful is immense.  We should always where a smile because this is our one life.  But there are times that the weight is heavy.  The daily grind becomes all consuming and pulling out of the pit seems next to impossible.  I get it.  There are more days then I care to count that I fall into the negative.  #thestruggleisreal

That’s why I LOVE photographing in home with real life all around us.  It’s through my lens that I see the strain, the big emotions, the love bigger then the moon and it’s through my lens that I’ll show it’s all with purpose.  Always.  The hard days give way to the rainbow and glorious sun shining.  We are not our worst days, but instead the love that grows out of those hardest days.  Without them we wouldn’t know how strong we are.  We wouldn’t learn that there is light all around us all the time.

I’m working on a new project with Mothers and their babes at center stage.  If you’d like more info contact me at the bottom of this post.
Love all you warrior mamas!

xoxo – Rachael

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