Denver Candid Family Photographer; Thole Family

I love and feel so incredibly grateful to be invited into families intimate lives.  Their every day life full of joy, struggles, negotiations, and endless snuggles.  Life, motherhood, parenthood are filled with all kinds of moments and it’s these seemingly mundane moments that shine the brightest for me.  They shine light on what matters to a family.  They shine a light on how parenthood really is.  The chaos, the coffee, and the rogue cheerios, all sing a song of sweet beautiful life.
The Thole family welcomed #3 Mr. Maxx just over a month ago.  Kathryn breathes motherhood with such grace and joy I just want to sit beside her and learn.  They scarcely moved into their new house before he was born, but you would never know it.  Each child given room to grow into their own personalities with love and acceptance.  Camden a little sports fan, even if it isn’t his Daddy’s chosen sport.  He’s a die hard fan anyway.  Harlow, the wild child, ready for an adventure as long as mom is close.
Thank you so much sweet Thole family for inviting me into your world again.  Every time I’m in awe and can not wait to play with your littles.  xoxo

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xoxo – Rachael

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