Denver Family Photographer; The Stanley Family

I asked Emily what’s her favorite thing about the weekends?

“well there’s the crazy busy weekends and then every now and then we have slow weekends. *sigh* I love the slow weekends.  Even if it’s just the morning.”

So we photographed that.  The slow morning of the kids guiding the activities, coffee was flowing like water, and we loved up on the present moment.

After I left they rushed off to a birthday party.  And the rat race continues on.

A session doesn’t have to be perfectly choreographed or scripted out.  We just need to take note of how we feel and do things that feel good.  Those are the moments that the heart bursting joy is hiding.  Those are the moments that you want to remember decades from now.

This session was part of the Saturday Morning Story sessions.  If you’d like to learn more about what YOUR family story session would like, email me at

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xoxo – Rachael

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