Fresh 48 hospital session; Baby Silas

Life is always changing.

Sometimes it’s small changes like a baby’s sleep pattern or a toddler’s moods.

Sometimes it’s big changes like adding a new family member or starting school.

Most of parenthood I’ve felt on edge, waiting for the next transition.  How will I handle it?  Only recently have I come to expect change.  It’s taken four years but I’m starting to welcome change with a bright attitude.  I don’t see it as a challenge to overcome but instead a sign of growth.

Baby Silas is the third and last for the Olson Family.  The perfect addition to two older sisters who adore him and parents that have been around the block long enough to know these newborn days go fast.

You’re out numbered at three, but you’re also surrounded by love.  The older two have a chance to show how much they’ve grown by helping and being even more independent.

And baby Silas gets to grow up with the best bad ass sisters to look up too.

Yes, transitions are hard sometimes.  But you always come out the other side stronger, wiser, and a little bit more bad ass.

Welcome home, Silas.

Are you having a baby soon?  Maybe you know a friend that’s having a baby.  Share this with them.  To photograph the very beginning of a beautiful and perfect transition means those tiny details and full hearts will never be forgotten. Contact me today.



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