heavy heart

Today I have a heavy heart.  My Grandpa past away today at the age of 87.  He and my grandma lived next door to us all of my childhood.  I remember going over to see them when my mom was tired of us running around and we’d play games.  And I’m pretty sure Grandpa was the first person to give me a drink of beer.

He had the ‘miller’ sense of humor.  (Miller is my maiden name).  Once when I went to visit him recently.  He leaned forward in his chair with a sly little grinn on his face and says, ‘Rachael guess what I did?!’  He blinks a few times and his smile grows larger.  I couldn’t help bust out laughing and say ‘Grandpa WHY did you shave your eye brows off!?’  ‘Because they were in the way!’  Of course, what other reason could there be?  Ok Grandpa.

Another time he smiles his big grin at me again and says ‘Guess what I did?’  Oh Grandpa, I can’t image.  ‘I’ve been brushing my teeth with Ivory soap, it makes my teeth white and the ladies like white teeth!’  Of course they do!  Grandpa always tried to keep the ladies on their toes.  ALWAYS.

You may think he’s a little off his rocker, but that was Grandpa and that’s just his way of making things livily.  A way that makes very sad that I won’t be able to hear anymore.

So as I wipe away my tears, here’s to you Grandpa!  I hope Grandma likes your pearly whites and shaved eye brows as much as I do!  I love you and you will be greatly missed!

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