How to Bake with Your Kids, without loosing your mind.

There’s a pound of flour on the floor, at least one egg shell crushed into the rug (fingers crossed there isn’t egg shell in the batter), and your sanity has been stretch to the brink.  Time for a Daniel Tiger episode so you can regroup.

We’ve all been there.  I LOVE baking with my kids but it is not an easy or relaxing thing to do.  It takes every ounce of patience.  I also know it can be incredibly bonding and connecting when I put the perfection aside for an hour.

Baking for me, pre-kids was relaxing.  I loved finding new recipes to try.

After kids, I’m lucky to do it every once in awhile.  Baking with kids is just flat out challenging.  BUT I’ve also learned a few tricks along the way to make it easier.

Tricks that will not only make baking with your toddler fun but also create a bonding experience everyone will enjoy.

  1. Forget about being neat.

    I promise you the kitchen will be a mess after, there’s just no avoiding it.  Enlist the kids help cleaning up and embrace the mess for an hour.

  2. Talk about each of the ingredients as you put them in.

    Why do you use flour?  What does baking soda do?  Could you use raisins instead of chocolate chips?  The more you dive in and teach, the more it becomes an experience and less about the end product.

  3. Find a recipe with simple ingredients and steps.

    This is not the time to try making macaroons.  Keep it simple and easy.

Our favorite go to recipe is Gluten Free Banana Muffins.  Both kids beg for more and I can use up those brown bananas that are sitting on the counter.  Win win.

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