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Transition, transition, transition.  My entire being is consumed with it right now.  I’m tried of it.  I crave normal life.  Life that has rhythm and certain amount of predictably.  It’s amazing how much can change in a months time.  How much work can be done in just a few short weeks both physically and mentally.  The last ‘Life in the Moment’ post I was cooking in our old kitchen, now we’re finding a new way to cook and enjoying a gorgeous new kitchen.  A  month spend consumed by daily needs of a toddler and a kitchen reno can leave anyone feeling exhausted.  But it’s also been prepping my heart for another addition.  More then I realized, the kitchen was just a warm up.  It made me slow down, breath, and find serenity among chaos.  It reminded me that there is a time for everything and sometimes, certain things can wait.  It brought forth a comfort that ‘this to shall pass’.  This chaos and upheaval is only temporary, life will have rhythm again.

The last week has seen a return of old rituals and a life I adored before.  A precursor to an even bigger transition I know.  I’ve been down this path before and I know there is life at the end.  I know that life finds new normals and a rhythm returns after big and small transitions.  Maybe that’s why I’m feeling ready even when there’s still 5 weeks to go.  I’m ready to start this next chapter.  Ready to know this little bean growing and kicking my ribs with vigor.  Having a morning of normal life has reenforced that we can make it through any transition and change the universe throws at us.  We are stronger together and I’m so grateful for that.

{This is a series of Life In The Moment that Lauren, Julie and I are doing together.  One day out of month that is our life.}

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xoxo – Rachael
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