Life In The Moment

We dream, we plan, we get excited about life after a transition.  But before a big new adventure there must be a transition.   A sometimes hard, messy, chaotic, emotional transition that leaves you feeling vulnerable and unsure that you can handle it.  Tears, tantrums, stubborn attitudes take over sometimes and protest the change.  Why can’t you get to the other side without the pain?  Why can’t a kitchen reno be easy?  Why can’t I skip over labor and birth to have my baby in my arms?  Why can’t a toddler move from one thing to another without a melt down?

Transitions are painful.

But the pain doesn’t last.  You go into the darkness and pray for light.  You hold on tight to the dream of the life after.

I will be the first to admit that I seek change.  I’m always dreaming of a grand adventure.  Cody and I have dreamed of living abroad, having our own farmstead, living big city dreams, and traveling.  Lofty dreams that don’t happen over night, however much I think they can.  Transition must happen first.  Maybe because we need to say to the world, YES I do want this no matter the cost.  No matter the pain and mess that happens.  But it’s unmistakable that transition is necessary.  It’s the darkness before the light.  It is the rain storm before the rainbow.  However necessary I will still clinch my teeth and pray for light.

{This is a series of Life In The Moment that Lauren, Julie and I are doing together.  One day out of month that is our life.}

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xoxo – Rachael

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