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Your life is chaotic and flying by at lighting speed.  Even when the days feel like an eternity, the years feel like a blur that click by at an alarming rate.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that you brought home your first little babe?

You worry that you’re missing life and it’s just all happening so fast.  Most days feel like a mad dash to the finish line when really all you want is a lazy Saturday.

Your documentary family session will capture those small but heart filled moments among the chaos.  When we hit play on your slideshow of photos, you’ll see how beautiful life is and what an amazing job you’re doing raising those little humans.  And maybe even from now on you won’t hide behind the camera, but demand to be in front and a part of the memories.

After our session you’ll fall deeply in love with the life you’ve created.

Family Story Session $725 (newborn or family)

Who is this for?  Parents that see life happening to fast and want to hold on to the moment, even if it’s just one afternoon.  They love life and going on adventures.  They know life isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.

Your session includes:
2-3 hours of life unscripted
Online Gallery
High Res Digital Files

Heirloom albums and art prints can be purchased through the online gallery.

Our Year Story Session $2500

Who is this for?  Do you stare at photos taken just 6 months ago and wonder where the time went?  Our babies grow at lighting speed and I know that you want to savor every last drop.  By photographing your story multiple times a year we see those small changes, the old routines fall away & new chapters start.

Our Year Story Session includes:
(2)full sessions; 2-3 hours of life unscripted
(1) mini 45 minute session at the 6 month mark
Family Questionnaire
Digital files from all three sessions delivered via an online gallery

Heirloom albums and art prints are purchased separately.

Your Motherhood Story Session $500

Who is this for?  Mama’s who want to share and tell their children how much you love them unconditionally.  You see life happening so fast and want to capture the innocence of their childhood.

What’s included in your session:
4-5 hours of photographing and telling your story.
Questionnaire to help put your feelings into words
Slideshow with your voice over

Heirloom albums, Art prints, digital files, and other products are purchased after your session at the Product ordering session.

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Can we buy digital files?

Yes of course!  Family & Newborn Story sessions the digital files are purchased separately at your Product Ordering Session.  The Our Year Story session includes the digital files from all 3 sessions.

We’re boring, what will we do in our session?

You are not boring!  Every family has a beautiful rhythm and moments that make you special.  Your family questionnaire will help us define what’s most important to you & we’ll center your session around that.

Should we coordinate our clothes or clean the house?

There’s no need to do any of that unless it makes you feel joyful.  If it at sounds daunting, then PLEASE don’t.  Wear what you love, let the kids dress themselves, and know that your family is perfect just the way they are.

When’s the best time for a session?

Honestly, anytime.  But more specifically, when you start to feel that pain of time slipping away and things are moving just a little too fast.  That’s when we need to slow down, take note of all the beauty around us. That’s when we should be doing a session.