Megan’s Mamahood Story

Megan loves photography and is a pretty amazing novices behind the lens, but she knew something was missing.  She takes stunning photos of their every day lives, but something lingered and pulled at her.  The feeling that something, someone was missing from their story became all to apparent after their second child was born.

She was missing.  So many photos of the kids and her husband, but she had so few of her with the kids.

So many moms find themselves in this place.  A place where we are center stage in our children lives, but all to often there is no record of being there.  We’re missing.  We are the ones behind the lens, recording all the firsts and adorable things our kids do.  So rarely are we able to be right in the middle and still have the moment documented.

This is Megan’s story, her gift to herself and her children.  The story of their days and how much Hannah and Owen are deeply loved and accepted.

These are her words, her heart.

‘Hannah, when you were born they wrapped you in what seemed like a million blankets and placed you on my chest.  And there you were.

So tiny, but perfect.

I remember being in love with you perfect lips and all that dark hair.  And you were so quiet and content.  You were home.’

‘My hope for you both is that you will find joy in the ordinary.  Be open to all possibilities in life and be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.’

‘I love our mornings together.  I sip on coffee and make breakfast all while sneaking in the best snuggle time.’

‘Oh how I love you, in ways that are unfair, overwhelming and more powerful than my head, heart, and whispered words could ever translate.’

‘Nothing in this life is certain.  Although some days may seem difficult, try to find the light in the darkness.  Believe that there is good in this world and trust in your faith.’

My heart is full and cup runith over with gratitude to share Megan’s story.  Thank you Megan.

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xoxo - Rachael

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