Motherhood, Anne & Penny

This motherhood gig is a crap shoot.  You never know what kind of mother you will be, or who your child will be, or even what your day will look like when those little feet come pitter pattering into the room.  All those thoughts you had about how you’d handle certain situations go completely out the window when you’re in the moment.  All your dreams of what motherhood is are washed away with the first babies bath.  It’s all washed away to reveal what motherhood truly is.  Motherhood is not what you thought, but some how you can’t imagine it being anything then what it is.  The hard moments, the joyful moments, the learning and growing moments, the break you wide open with love moments, that’s what motherhood is.  It’s so far from perfect, we wonder if we’re doing it right…you are.  It’s so hard at times we wonder if we’re up for the work…you are.  It’s so filled with blissed out joy at moments that we wonder if we’re worthy of being the mother of such an amazing human…you are.

This beautiful family is about to embark on an epic journey of traveling around the world and I want to hide in their luggage.  Anne takes on the role of mother with effortless confidence and takes the challenges of a toddler without batting an eye.  And Penny, well I could just jump in and swim around in those gorgeous blue eyes all day.  It’s so easy to see how close these two are and how much little Penny adores her mama.  So honored to do a Motherhood Session with my dear friend Anne.

xoxo – Rachael

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