Porject 52; Week 20/21


Sometimes life just simply goes by to fast.
I try so hard baby girl to keep life at a reasonable pace,
not schedule to many things, have down time to just be, have dinner as a family.
These are the things that make life meaningful for me.
I know when I start scheduling to many things, have little to no down time and we miss dinner together that’s when life goes by in a blink.
I don’t want that.
I want to soak up life in this moment with you and your daddy.
I want to put my worries aside even if it’s just temporarily.
I want to belly laugh until tears run down my face.
Chase you while stomping my feet because it makes you giggle with delight.
Family hug every day.
Keep my heart open because you never know what will find it’s way in.
Take every moment possible to explore outside, no toys required.
Play in the backyard sprinkler and teach you to drink from the hose.
BBQ and eat el fresco.
Bike ride to the park to listen to live music and dance under the stars.
Get lost in a camp fire and the sound of your daddy’s voice.
Live life without obligation.

I missed writing to you last week because we left early for our trip.
Your great grandpa’s health is fading and it’s important to see him.
But in the whirl wind of an extended trip and everyday life in the summer I have failed at keeping up.
I can feel the stress of overwhelm creeping in.
There are so many things I want to do, it’s summer after all!
So I will take it a day at a time.  Remember to breath.
And family hug every.single.day.

xoxo – Your Mama

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