Project 52; Week 10

My sweet babies.

This one is hard to write.  You’re to young to understand now, but some day you’ll be reading and trying to understand the events of this week and the past few months.

We are doing our best to raise you both with love, honesty, and compassion.  There will always be people in the world that disagree with you or say/do hurtful things.  But the only way to rise above that hate is with love and forgiveness.

People are hurting.  People have felt left behind and not cared for by the government.  Washington is broken and needs to be fixed.

That’s the only way I can justify so many people voting for someone that so clearly (or maybe not so clearly) spews hatred.

It’s ok to be hurt and mad and even really pissed.  But don’t dwell in that pool, use it to fuel your conviction and stand in the face of fear and hate to say, NO! I will fight for love and the rights of all humans.

Our country has worked so hard to protect the innocent and minority.   I’m honestly terrified for minorities, LGBT community, the sick, the women of our country.  I pray that when you read this years from now, that the next 4 years aren’t as bad as a I fear.

But I also want you to NOT live in fear.  What you focus on is what you will see.

So focus on what you have control over, your own heart and emotions.  Don’t allow a road block to destroy everything you’re working for.  Even when it appears to be an unstoppable mountain.  You can and will overcome any obstacle.  Fight for what is right and just.  Fight for love.

Your inner strength will guide you.  I will fight for love and for those in the minorty.  I will love and be a better person because that’s what I would want others to do.  I will fight for you to live in a world that doesn’t hate.

I will fight to keep our home positive, loving, and honest.

Go inward in order to effect outward.

We will be ok.  We always are.  I will continue to mother you the best I can and instill the teaching of Jesus, Love and compassion.

It’s darkest before the dawn.  Rise and change the world for the better.

xoxo – Your Mama

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