Project 52; Week 12

My sweet Delilah and Crosby

I’m behind once again.  Commitment is a funny thing.  In the beginning there’s excitement and wonder.  Every day is met with fresh eyes.  I started this project because I love the end result of a year’s worth of letters to you.  A legacy of sorts on what life is like right now in 2016.  A glimpse into my thoughts as a young mother.
But sometimes the newness wears off and the excitement wanes.
Procrastination sets in.  And questions like, ‘why?’ and ‘what’s the point?’ ring in my ears.

We’ve traveled and the holidays keep every day filled with activities.  I’m bouncing from on thing to the next and feeling completely uninspired when it comes to photographing you.

I’ve come up with a million excuses why I shouldn’t pick up the camera, our house is to small, it’s to cluttered, it gets dark early, we’re boring…just to name a few.

But they’re just excuses, nothing more.  These days are worth remembering.  Our story is worth being told.

You know what I’ve learned when procrastination and excuses set in?  You have to push through.  Because on the other side of the lack luster feeling is something pretty amazing.

The first time I did Project 52, I had many times that I felt like stopping.  I’d forget to pick up the camera all week.  I’d get busy and not do the writing.  It became a drag at times and I just wanted to forget about it.

But each time I pushed through and did the work despite my laziness.

And in the end I wrote letters and took pictures I would have never otherwise done.  And they are some of my favorites.

Just because something looses it’s excitement and allure, doesn’t mean you should give it up.  That’s when you have to fight to keep going.

Do the work.

Push through the procrastination.

Fight the urge to throw in the towel.

Because on the other side of all that is something more beautiful then you could image.

Don’t give up just because it gets hard or less then fun.  That’s when the real work begins.

xoxo – Your mama

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