Project 52; Week 13

Delilah and Crosby,

There are so many things that make these days of you being little challenging.  Any given moment can result into meltdown.  No one sleeps all that well and I live on coffee, probably to much so.  I worry about school and where to send you to Kindergarten.  So many choices!

Mostly though I know this stage is short.  Crosby is no longer a baby and growing into a very strong willed toddler.  Delilah is developing a sense of self and growing into a sweet and kind little girl.

What I will miss about these days is what I photograph.  The little moments that make my heart burst.  Little things that I find so sweet and fascinating (but I know I’ll forget about!).

Those are things I notice and want to hold on too.

The way Crosby sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating really hard.  Which is often!

The way you play together so well.  The giggles you share make all the hard moments disappear.

The character Delilah is and how much she loves to be in the kitchen cooking, baking, and do all things art.

This was our week.  I may not always get the ‘token’ photo that you’re suppose to get for each milestone, but you will know what I loved about you both.  You’ll see how I see you.

I love you monkeys

xoxo – Your mama

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