Project 52; Week 14

Delilah and Crosby

I read an article the other day about parents in other parts of the world vs here in the US and how they feel about parenting.  Parenting here can be reduced to competition and guilt over doing it right far to easily.

Parenting to the hardest thing I will ever do and the layers of difficulty seem to escalate as you get older.  The problems become bigger and more life altering with each new phase.

Time seems to slip away.  Sometimes I’m grateful a certain phase has passed.  Other times I wonder where the time went and how much I’ll miss you at a certain age.

But this is life and life is a endless dance.  When we’re old we’ll pass the baton and the next person will dance.  We’re not meant to stay in one place very long.  And if we did, wouldn’t that be boring?

I’ve LOVED these past couple weeks with you.  Baking an endless supply of cookies.  Writing letters to your favorite people and strangers on the street.  Teaching you the meaning of Christmas and that it’s not always about Santa and presents.

Delilah you told me the other day that we don’t need anymore presents.  There’s plenty under the tree already.  Indeed my love we have been blessed.  Christmas morning will be nothing short of blissful, not because of the gifts, but because we’ll all be together.  Slowing soaking up the morning together.  Snuggling, enjoying, and just being.  That is special.  It doesn’t happen often enough.

Even with our challenges there are a million reasons to be joyful and grateful.

xoxo – Your Mama

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