Project 52, Week 2

I feel like I did a lousy job of taking pictures this week.  We had a somewhat busy week and I got sick on Thursday throwing my game off.  Habits are a challenge to get into sometimes.  At least the good habits are.  The bad ones appear out of nowhere and suddenly you’re standing in the middle of a bad habit wondering how in the world you got there and how you’re going to get out. We’ve gotten a little lazy this summer Crosby, and I’m rocking you to sleep a few to many times making it increasingly hard for you to fall asleep on your own. A skill we worked so hard on just 6 months ago.  Just as riding a bike though, we made a line in the sand and went back to the boundaries we’d set and you snapped back into it pretty quickly.  My view is a habit isn’t necessarily bad unless it’s just not working for the people involved anymore.  If you get into a habit of not eating well, and we all do, you’re fine for a bit but then you start to feel not so good.  You’re tired and sluggish and maybe even more moody.  That’s when you’ve picked up a bad habit.  It’s just not working anymore.  The trick is to recognize it and then change course.

Yesterday when I was laid up on the couch, Delilah you asked me if I needed water.  i said yes that I would love some water.  So you found my water glass, went to the kitchen, pushed the stool over to the fridge and filled my glass with ‘fridge water.’  Then brought it to me with the proudest grin on your face.  And I have to say, I was the proud one.  You saw someone in need and found a way to help in such a grown up way.  I was astounded and saw a glimpse of the grown up you’ll become.  Oh my girl, you do have the biggest heart.

The two of you love to wrestle each other. Anywhere there’s soft plushy material, the dog bed, the couch, your bed, you are attaching each other and pulling to the ground.  Usually in fits of laughter.  I see these wrestling matches taking a turn in the future though.  A future where Crosby is much bigger then Delilah.  In a matter of a couple years he will be stronger then you my dear, I wonder how this whole game plays out then?  Maybe Delilah learn self defense moves…

Maybe next week I’ll pick up the camera more.  These days are slipping away like sand thru an hour glass.

xoxo – Your Mama

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