Project 52; Week 3

{Weekly letters to my crazy lovable kids}

Monkey See Monkey Do.  I know that most siblings are this way, but I LOVE watching it happen with my own children.  What one does, the other does.  It’s comical and adorable all at the same time.  Is it building a bond between the two of you?  I can only pray that it is.

I had a conversation with a friends recently about sibling relationships and how you can’t predict how the journey goes. I can’t ultimately decide what your relationship looks like.  I tell myself that all I can do is nurture the qualities I hope to see in a sibling relationship.  Nurture, then step away and let you decide how the story is written.  Because ultimately it’s not up to me.

Your daddy has put you to bed three nights in a row this week because I’ve been working.  A sense of guilt wells in the pit of my stomach every time I have to leave you.  Somehow I can’t do it all and I’m failing you because of it.  But then I see how amazing your Daddy is and how resilient and understanding you are and I know my worry is for not.  I will never be able to be there always 100%, I have to let go.  Even if letting go is a little, one bed time at a time.  It’s good for everyone.

Parenting is no easy road, but then again no road is.  They all have their pot holes and hazards.  But this road with you two and your daddy is the most beautiful road I’ll ever be on.

xoxo – Rachael

Signs of fall and signs that I should not leave my coffee unattended near a small child.

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