Project 52, Week 4

{Weekly letters to my crazy lovable kids}

September is always a busy month it seems.  The garden explodes in a beautiful bounty, sometimes so abundantly I spend hours canning and freezing.  Work always picks up and I have my hands full with work.  And I’m always trying to cram in a few more summer days before the weather turns cool.

This past weekend we went to your Daddy’s hometown.  We saw your cousins and great grandparents.  We introduced Crosby to a baby calf and four wheeler rides.  Nana and Papa Casey have kids sized car which was probably the highlight of the weekend, even if the battery ran out and all you could do was sit in it.  I loved watching you play with your cousins, almost all girls until Crosby and now Mr. Landon joined the tribe of Weavers.  I’m already dreaming of Cousin Camp when you’re old enough.  It’s hard being away from family.  It’s hard when my family and your daddy’s family live far from each other.  You’ll grow up spending vacations visiting family.  Something that wasn’t really a thing for me growing up.  It’s different.  Not bad. Just different.  I sometimes wonder how it’ll effect the way you view family.  Will it instill a wonderlust side of you?  Will you both stay close to us as adults or move to the far ends of the earth?

I do know it’s important to know where you come from.  To know the people that came before you and forged a trail.  So we will continue to spend vacations visiting family.  Hoping you can still have close relationships with your grandparents and cousins just as your daddy and I did growing up.

xoxo – Your Mama.

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