Project 52; Week 5

{Weekly letters to my crazy lovable kids}

My little monkeys, this motherhood thing never ceases to amaze me.  All my preconceived thoughts and notions are so far off what is actually true.  I once believed that I could keep you both home with me 100% and maybe even home school.  The in this moment truth is I can’t be the best version of myself when I’m a mom 100% of the time.  Time apart makes the heart grow fonder has some merit.  When I can step away, I can come back a better more patient and loving mom.

It gives you both room to stretch your wings and learn how to be confident even when I’m not there.  I know this isn’t easy for you sweet girl, but you will grow and learn to be confident on your own.  I promise to always be waiting with open arms when you get back.

I hear so many moms talk about feeling sad when their kids don’t need them anymore.  I may be the only mom that delights in you spreading your wings and learning outside your comfort zone.  I will always be your safe haven and place of unconditional love, but you were not meant to be under my wing for life.  You were meant to fly!

So one tiny step at a time we will walk together to learn this self confidence thing.  Little by little.

When I dropped you off your first day, there were no tears.  Just a smile as I saw you find a place in the classroom.  You’re going to be more then ok, you’re going to thrive.

And I think Crosby would have preferred to stay at school with you if he’d been given the choice!

Proud of you sweet girl.  I love you and miss you when you’re not near.

xoxo – Your Mama

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