Project 52; Week 6

{Weekly letters to my crazy lovable kids}

To my sweet babes.

Your Daddy and I rarely take date nights.  We try to once a week do a ‘date’ in, mostly consisting of a whisky on the rocks watching House of Cards on Netflix.  It works for us.  And we’re also cheap.

But for our 10 year wedding anniversary, your nana and papa offered to take care you both while we went away.  A trip without kids felt like a dream, and even once we were there I had to pinch myself and constantly remind myself that I didn’t need diapers or extra water bottles.  I walked onto the plane wondering if I’d left my arm or possibly a leg at home along with my heart.

We were only gone 5 nights, but oh my how much you grew in those 6 days!! Somehow you both have grown up and are so clearly not babies anymore.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I do believe you both are developing the most amazing personalities.  It’s so hard to see when you’re deep in the tenches.  Even with intention to truly see you, I still gloss over and go on auto pilot.  It’s only when being away from you for an extended period of time that I can come back with new eyes.  Maybe it’s because I missed you.  Maybe it’s because I actually slept more then 6 hours.  Maybe it’s because your daddy and I had time to truly connect on a deep level that only time and space can provide.  Whatever it was, it was needed and it was so good.

Space for you to build a bond with your nana and papa.  Space for us to remember why we’re working so hard every day.  Space to come back and be even better parents.

The world is a big beautiful place but we belong with you.  You are our home.  You are our guiding light.  This world means nothing without you in it.

xoxo – Your mama

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