Project 52; Week 7

{Weekly letters to my littles}

My sweet babies.
“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” – William James
And yet when the bad attitude creeps in because of a million different reasons, it’s so hard to see the truth.  The voices start chanting all the reasons you have for feeling jaded or grumpy. Everything feels like sludge and nothing will make it better.  Anxiety of the future starts riddle every inch of your bones just waiting to prove it’s falsehoods as truths.  It wants nothing more then to be right and laugh in your face.

My attitude toward every day tasks is just as important as my attitude towards being your mom.  Some days I take such joy and gratitude in it and other days I struggle.  Some days just feel all together overwhelming and my head barely skimmes the surface before being buried under another wave.

I had thought the other day that instead of fighting the grumpy attitude to turn into it and ask the question, ‘where do I need an attitude adjustment?’

Delilah, I am so proud of the young girl you’re growing into.  Last year we were almost lost at sea and struggled to keep our heads above water, but now my girl you are proving just how much kids learn from their parents.  Emotions are still big, but you’re facing the wave head on and not letting it take you down.  And I’m am so proud of you.  You are strong, You are beautiful inside and out, You are brave.  😉

There will always be days that are hard.  And that’s ok.  Just don’t let those waves drown out the beauty in the sky.

xoxo – Your mama.

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