Project 52; Week 9

{Letters to my sweet babes}

Crosby and Delilah,

I’m sure I will forget the details of Monday night so I’m dedicating this week to that night alone.  Because it was that amazing.

Some day all to soon you will want to trick or treat with your friends and have nothing to do with us.  Some day soon, the days of being with us 99% of the time will end and you will grow in your independence from us.  I love that we’re raising kids to fly from the nest and live an abundant joyful life, but I’m learning that doesn’t come without with some major growing pains.

We ditched our neighborhood Halloween night and headed across the park to a friends house.  They’re two girls are a year older then you both respectively so it always makes for fun times.  As I anticipated Delilah you were shy and unsure of what was about to go down.  But within just a couple houses you caught the Halloween fever and realized the lucrative duties of knocking on doors.  Each house brought a rush of excitement and giddy thrills to get another piece of candy.  It didn’t matter you had no idea what any of this candy was.  Nope, that didn’t matter, candy is candy!
Once we were back to our friends house, handing out candy proved to be even more exciting then getting candy.  Every kid that walked by got a big smile and candy.

Crosby my sweet ball of energy, you ran.  You ran arms waving, screaming and screeching with excitement only a 1 year old can exude.   Candy wasn’t on your radar though.  The freedom to run and run and run was what your little heart desired.  At one point you hit a wall and had to be carried a few blocks before a piece of chocolate restored your energy and off you went once again.

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine, even growing up.  The holidays take on new meaning when you’re experiencing them as an adult and watching your children.  Just another amazing layer of being a parent that I didn’t know was there before.

Now instead of dragging my tail to prepare for what I felt was an annoying holiday is now met with excitement and joy.  I can’t wait for next year!

xoxo – Your Mama

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