Project People, week one

Winter is always a low time for any photographer, especially a wedding and portrait photographer.  So naturally there are fewer opportunities to get out and shoot, so I’ve decided I need to do a personal project that would get me outside and shooting.  I wanted something that would push me and make me almost uncomfortable.  Approaching complete strangers on the street is definitely something I don’t like to do, let along asking to take their picture.  It literally took passing by about 4 people before I worked up the nerve to ask this first couple.  But they were great, a little shocked, but obliged none the less.

So I pull the camera up and click off three frames without even really thinking about it.  And he totally called me out on it!  Which I’m so glad he did!  He’s right, I said one picture and I took three.  So challenge number two is, I get one frame.  That’s it!  I have to think about what I’m doing and the shot already in my head before I even pull the camera up.  Which I have to say is really easy to get away from shooting digital.  You don’t have to worry about how much film your using or what it’ll cost if you over shoot.   You have to think before you press the shutter.  Something very easy to forget.

But alas, here is week one.  Three complete strangers in one frame.  My hope is to blog each week on Friday and to do this as long as I feel inclined.  Maybe a year?  Hope you enjoy!

Love that this guy didn’t look at the camera.

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  • Gino Siller Photography February 21, 2010

    Thats awesome!!!! I wish I had the nerves to pull that off. Every winter when things are slow I have about 50 ideas go through my head, but very rarely follow through.

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