Space Gallery Wedding; Jen and Brian

Love is always new.
It doesn’t matter if we love once,
twice or ten times in a lifetime.
we will always find ourselves faced
by an unfamiliar situation.
-Paulo Coelho

Sometimes you meet people that blow your mind.  People that view the world in such a way that you walk away a better person just by being in their presence.  Jen is one of those people.  She has been a nanny for decades.  She has tenderly taken small children into adulthood countless times.  And every single family came to her wedding.  Every single family was just as joyful if not more than Jen and Brian were, and that’s saying a lot.  They would hug one another like a long lost friend you hadn’t seen in ages.  Hugs that you could feel all the way to your core.  Hugs that made you feel unconditional love.  That’s what it meant to be a part of Jen and Brian’s wedding.  Two people that had been apart for far too long finally coming together for eternity.  It was like coming home on a cold winters night to the warmest fireside feast.

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your amazing day.  I am forever grateful and changed because of you.

If your love for each other is more important than a fancy wedding, email me.

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