The Insignificant Moments

So many days pass by in a blur.  Some days just feel like survival.  Some days I just want to freeze time and soak in every last detail.  I want to remember the little things about their personalities and what they’re learning right now.

Delilah loves to play baby.  She wants nothing more then to pretend cry and do all things baby.  While Crosby wants nothing to do with things that a baby should want to do.  Oh the irony.

An image can take me back to that moment where I couldn’t decide to laugh, get angry, or just document it because it was just to ridiculous.

Delilah whined and practically cried to be put in the exersaucer, while Crosby cried hysterically if I even tried to put him in it.  A moment I thought was comical at the time and now looking back months later, I have to admit, is still hilarious in it’s irony.

Without this photo, would I have remembered this moment?  This day in our lives?  I’m not sure I would have.  Photos mean so much more then just what someone looks like.  They record a moment that at the time can seem unimportant or insignificant.  But later, reveal something even more amazing.

I recently came across this article  .  A photo can say so much about an event or nothing at all.  It can tell a story from one side or the other.

Tell me about a moment that happened today that made you, laugh, or cry, or throw your hand in the air, or just plain made you grateful for another day with your kids.

Let’s document those kinds of moments.

xoxo – Rachael

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