Today we celebrate mothers


Such a powerful word isn’t it?  As the years pass and I identify myself in this role of mother, the more I allow it to truly soak into my bones.

You don’t really know what you’re in for when you become a mother.  The sleepless nights, the anxiety and worry, the grief, all of the emotions.  There’s a sense of what lies ahead, but the true scope of the role mother only reveals itself once you’re in it.

To late to back out.  That thought only enters your mind when you’re so exhausted you can’t see straight.

But really you wouldn’t change a thing.   It just takes time to feel good in this new skin.

In the beginning it feels all comsuming and overwhelming.  How can anyone function with such a heavy coat?

But over time it grows on you.  You become a part of it just as much as it is a part of you.

Until one day you don’t recongize yourself in the mirror.  You’re there, but somehow you’ve changed. Changed into a confident wearer of the mother coat.

You no longer feel the heavy burden all the time, just once in a while.

Now, you can’t imagine taking it off and it not being a part of you.  It will ALWAYS be a part of you.  You are mother and mother is you.

For all the mothers out there, the mothers that long to be, the mothers that have lost, the mothers that are still waiting, the mothers that have faught with every fiber of their being for their child, the mothers that can’t wait for bedtime, the mothers that would give anything for one more snuggle with their baby, the mothers that are now grandmothers and great grandmothers, the mothers that stand in the place of mother when no one else will, the mothers that love without conditions, the mothers that race all over town for their kids, the mothers that put their career on hold, the mothers that are working two full time jobs, the mothers that are hurting, the mothers that are shouting for joy, and the mothers that are just to num to feel, today is for you.

Today is the day we sit back, SLOW DOWN, and take stock of this role.  This identiy that is so much a part of who we are that without it we’d wither away.

Tell another mother how amazing she is.  Tell her all the things you wish someone said to you.

Hug your kiddos tighter.  Hug your spouce tighter.  Hug yourself tighter.

You are doing an amazing job.  You are enough.  You are exactly where you should be.

xoxo – Rachael

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