Who Needs Toys?

Lammert Family-007

Cousins are like siblings only you like them better.
Well at least that’s how I felt growing up.
These three cousins ran and played and needed nothing more then bubbles and a ball to entertain themselves.

We just returned from a camping trip with my husband’s family where D had two older cousins to play with.
The great outdoors made for the best toy.
The girls never fought,
and they were all so exhausted from playing that they crashed early.

denver family photographer-01Lammert Family-003 Lammert Family-004 Lammert Family-005 denver family photographer-02 Lammert Family-009 Lammert Family-010 denver family photographer-03 Lammert Family-014 Lammert Family-008 Lammert Family-015

I’m also looking for one family that would like to tell their bedtime story.
A bonus is in store for you if you’re the lucky one.
Email me rachael(at)rachaelgracephotography.com

xoxo – Rachael

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