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Your Mamahood Session

Raise your hand if you’re the one behind the camera almost always?  Yep, me too! Your world revolves around them.  They are your everything.  You are the care taker, the booboo kisser, the chef of tiny mouths, the night time cuddler, and super hero that can make everything right again.  You are their everything.

Some days you wonder if any of it matters.  Some moments are overwhelming and exhausting.  Some moments are a euphoria that you never knew was possible till you were a mama.   You desperately want to hold onto their childhood and tell them how much you love them with all your heart.

Telling your Mamahood Story will put into words and images all the love you feel for your children.  You’ll see first hand what an amazing job you’re doing raising your little ones.  You’ll leave knowing you’re not alone, but instead a part of a sisterhood of mothers.

Your Mamahood Session $475

Who is this for?  Mama’s who want to share and tell their children how much you love them unconditionally.  You see life happening so fast and want to capture the innocence of their childhood.

What’s included in your session:
4-5 hours of photographing and telling your story.
Online gallery
Slideshow with your voice over

Digital files, prints, albums, and other products are purchased after your session.  Product packages start at $375

Photos of Megan’s Your Mamahood Story.

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