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New Life, New Love; newborn sessions

Your breasts are swollen.  You can’t remember when your last shower was.  Daily life has been consumed with feedings, poopie diapers (seriously she poops with every sneeze), and calming a fussy baby by bouncing, rocking, signing, walking, crying yourself, and feeling the most intense sense of joy you’ve ever experienced.

Welcome to motherhood.

As cliche as it sounds, ask any seasoned mom, but these newborn days will go by in a blink.  It feels all consuming and never ending when you’re in the middle of it, but newborn wrinkles fade to baby rolls.  Baby cheeks fade to toddler busy bodies.  Diapers fade to signing up for school choice.  And before you know they’re starting Kindergarten.

*insert mild panic attack*

Good thing you’ve photographed her sweet newborn fuzzy shoulders and head of jet black hair.  And the way she throws her arms in the air like a conductor.  Oh and the half smile she’ll give you after she’s nursed.  And the way she fit so perfectly nestled into your arms, like she was made to be in your arms.

Because now that’s the only way to remember the blurry time when they were a newborn.


Your session is documentary in nature with little direction and is centered on what you love about life right now.
You’ll tell the story of your Childs birth with a grateful heart through a questionnaire before our session. You’ll be in awe they were that tiny and wrinkly.  You’ll wonder how life existed without this little babe in your arms.  And you’ll cherish every photo of the wonderful journey you’ve embarked on.

New Life, New Love session fee $250;

Who is this for?  The mama that knows these early weeks go quickly and she wants to tell the story of her Childs birth and joining the family.

What this package includes:

2-3 hour Newborn session
Questionnaire to help you write your heart
Product viewing session 10-14 days after

Digital files, prints, albums, and box of prints are purchased separately at the Product viewing session. Most family invest $800 on products.

Photos to the left are Marnie & Kipp’s newborn session

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