A Photo A Day Challenge

A friend of mine, let’s call her Margo (only because I LOVE that name) came to me the other day and was almost in tears.  She said, “every time I take a picture it ends up blurry, or cluttered, or my sweet boy has some ridiculous look on his face with an eye half closed! What am I doing wrong!?”

Nothing.  You just need a little guidance and a few tips to help smooth out the easily mis understood parts of taking a picture.

When I first started out, I would almost never have things in focus.  I cut people’s entire heads off.  And most of the photos were way to bright and over exposed.  BUT we all start somewhere.

This is a challenge for moms that want to take better pictures of their daily life.  It’s a challenge to not just capture a snap shot, but to tell your story and remember those little moments that make your heart lead for joy.

There are several aspects that go into a good picture, I’m going to only focus on ONE aspect for this challenge to make it easy to digest and learn.  This one aspect is what I believe to be the most important part of taking pictures.  LIGHT.

Without light, you have no picture. period.

For 1 week, I’ll be sharing daily tips on a different kind of light, where to find it, how to use it, and secret tricks to make it work for you.

I want you then to find that light in your own home or life and capture a little piece of your story.

Where will you be share your tips?

In the Facebook Group, Mothering from the Heart.  Click the link to join to the group, it’s totally free and a great place to find other awesome moms just like you.

Where do I share my pictures?

In the Facebook group.  I’ll be sharing my own daily photos as well.

What if I miss a day?

No problem, just jump back in when you can!  The tips will remain up in the group.

Do I need a big camera, or can I use my phone?

Both!  The tips are geared a little more towards a big camera, but I also give tips on using your phone.  I use my phone a lot, so any camera will do.  I also know it’s not always easy to get the pictures off your big camera and on the computer.  So use whatever camera you want and works best for you.

A Photo A Day Challenge Details.

  • Each morning, starting WEDNESDAY JULY 27th, 2016 – WEDNESDAY AUGUST 3rd, 2016 I’ll post the days lighting challenge.
  • Comment and ask questions on the post.
  • Post your daily photo to the Facebook Group
  • Friday August 5th, I’ll pick a winner from those that participated.  The winner will receive a FREE seat at the next Mom to Mom workshop, Capture Your Every Day.  The winner will be announced in the Facebook group.

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