Denver Family Photographer; Harjes Family

Sometimes you don’t know just how strong you are until that’s the only option.

Cara is a pillar of strength, grace, humility, patiences, and love.  She’s not only grieving the lose of her husband and best friend, but also helping guide their 4 year old daughter through a lose no young child should have to understand.  And she’s doing it with a huge dose of grace and love.

To enter someones home in such raw and sometimes dark chapter of life, is incredibly humbling and sacred.  I some how held it together during our session, but wept hot wet tears the moment I got home.  Cara you are amazing and I feel so deeply honored to have witnessed your raw and beautiful life.  I hope every time you walk by these photos hanging on the wall you can remember just how amazing you are.  That even in the darkest of days there is light.

I have so much love for you and your girl tribe.  <3

xoxo – Rachael

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