The best fall family session yet!

As summer fades into memory another season takes its place.  Did you do all those things on your summer list?  Did you soak up the rays of sunshine, run till your sweaty, grass stain every pair of pants, lick every ice cream cone, and go to bed at night smelling of mother nature?  I know I struggled to truly do all the summer things I wanted too.  Maybe this fall could be different?  Maybe just maybe there’s a way to capture all the things that make fall amazing…

It happens every year, the weather turns cool, the leaves change colors, the farmers market explodes in bright beautiful bounty, and Starbucks sells all things pumpkin.  Over the last 10 years living here in Colorado, October has grown on me.  The intense blue sky makes the red, gold, and orange hues standout like paintings only God could create.  The weather bounces sweetly between crisp mornings to just warm enough to shed that sweater by lunch.  It’s without a doubt my favorite time of year.

This October I want to celebrate all things that make this month so undeniably stunning.  Everything from building leaf forts to jump in, pumpkin carving (preferably in underwear), apple picking, and snuggling on the porch with a mug of hot cider.

This isn’t your typical photo session, this is memory making.  This is playing and laughing so hard tears role down your cheeks.  This is bonding and connecting with your kiddos doing what you do best as a family.

Sessions are $175 for a 2 hour session in your home, a second session to purchase albums, prints, and digital files is two weeks after.

Let’s schedule your free no obligation phone consult today.  There’s only room for 3 sessions in October.



A few common thoughts about a photograph session like this:

Rach, I really need pictures for the Holiday card too! 

No problem!  We can take a ‘smile at the camera’ shot right at the beginning.  Or you could send out the coolest Holiday card yet with pictures of you living life to the fullest.   😉

We’ve only ever done a posed session, I’m not sure what to do when you’re not directing us.

It is hard to understand with no frame of reference.  But don’t worry, in our pre consult phone chat we’ll figure out what means the most to you this time of year.  The things the kids look forward to and the things that make this time of year special to your family.  During the session your time is mostly focused on your kids and your spouse.  The session will actually feel easy and stress free.

My house is kinda a mess right now, are you sure you want to shoot here?

Yes! Your home is where you’re comfortable and where you feel your best.  Life (connection and love) don’t wait for things to be perfect.  Because they already are.  But if you’re concerned take a laundry basket around the house to pick up clutter before I get there, then hide it in a closet.

Ready to set your free pre-consultation phone call?

Don’t let another season fly by without committing it to your memory.  Schedule your free no obligation phone consult now.



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