Amy’s Mamahood Session

Have you found yourself spiraling down a rabbit hole of comparison over something you saw on Facebook or Instagram?  How can someone seriously always have such a neat house!?

I know I find myself comparing way more then I’d care to admit.  We all do it, so what could possibly be the harm in it?

The rabbit hole of comparison leads to feeling like you’re always behind.  It leads to feeling like, life is to hard or challenging and everyone else is cruising through life.  It leads to life passing you by at an alarming rate with paralysis to do anything about it.

When I photograph our life, I see these moments of bliss and contentment I didn’t know existed.  I see my silly girl doing what a 3 year old does best.  I see my life as chaotic yes, but beautiful and perfect just the way it is.

Amy is a busy mom of three girls just 18 months apart.  Most days she’d say she’s just surviving and hoping she makes it to bed time.  But she also knows these days are passing by and one day very soon those little feet will grow into young girls feet and then teenage feet, and adult feet.  The days of them little are numbered and she doesn’t want to waste them fretting about what could be.  She wants to soak up her life right now.

As we sat down to do Amy’s interview, I could feel the tension relax.  I saw her eyes light up when telling stories of her girls.  I saw her feel so much love well up with just taking time to reflect on her life.

In those moments I saw her falling in love with her life.  I saw her feel grateful for the challenges and the blissful moments.

This is Amy’s Mamahood Story.

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