Denver Family Photographer; Wilson Family

When I first talked with Megan, she was worried her 4 rambunctious boys would be a little crazy for a Bedtime Story session.  I mean let’s be honest, every home is a little crazy at the witching hour.  But I reassured her that crazy makes for some really fantastic photos.

I drove up to their house nestle in a circle drive (in Denver, cause where does that even happen IN Denver) and was immediately greeted by everyone soaking up the evening sun riding bikes.  A little take a bake pizza for dinner and then it was off to baths and bedtime stories.

If you didn’t know their story, you might think it this all seems normal and even a little mundane.  But the truth is, Megan and Marko welcomed home the twins just 4 weeks before our session.  Twin two year olds from a S. Korea that don’t speak english and no nothing of life in America.  Two special little boys are now home and the Wilson Family feels complete.

I asked Megan if she ever thought she’d be the mom of 4 boys and she said, ‘no! but I can’t image a different life either!’

This is life with 4 crazy boys under the age of 6.  I’d call it pretty freak’n beautiful.

So grateful to families that invite me into their homes and photograph such sweet imitate moments in their lives.

xoxo – Rachael

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